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The choice of Shawn Rhoden, Dani Reardon, and top IFBB pros and NPC competitors


Expert tanning services used by several top IFBB pros and NPC competitors.

You train tirelessly, maintain a disciplined diet, and work to get your posing to perfection – why take any chances with your tan?

Your tan is a crucial element to your overall stage presentation and something that judges will notice. Your placing can be greatly affected by your tan. The last thing you want is a “runny” tan or off-colored lines to compromise all your hard work and dedication leading up to your competition.

With Karenne Styles, you get:

  • A professional tan, enhancing your well-deserved physique. A tan that allows your muscles to pop on stage.
  • A tan that accentuates the finer points of your package, muscle flow, lines, and poses.
  • A tan that’s light, but not too light. A tan that’s dark, but not too dark. A tan that complements the bright lights of a competition stage.

The StylesByK Difference:

  • Karenne Styles has a keen understanding of pH balance and the science behind the undertones of your skin.
  • Karenne is an expert in skin color, skin tone, body shape, body type, facial shape, and physique characteristics to give you a tan that’s uniquely yours
  • Added Bonus: Karenne’s tanning will protect your hands, feet, and knees, ensuring that they look like they were not “tanned” at all.

Stage Make-up

'Finish the look' with Karenne's expert touch

Get the “wow” factor that you deserve.

Stage make-up is the critical last touch that will put a bow on your on-stage presentation. Your stage make-up represents an opportunity for you to dazzle the judges (and the audience) with elegance, class, and beauty.

With Karenne Styles:

  • You will have an airbrush make-up job that highlights your features and accentuates your positive facial characteristics.
  • A make-up that will cover up any less desirable features (dark circles, scars, stretch marks, and other imperfections).

“Light, but beautiful.” The StylesByK Difference

  • Karenne is known among the IFBB and NPC circles for make-up that is a “good amount of make-up, but not too heavy” and that there’s no “cake face” when stepping on stage. The phrase Karenne hears most often from her clients is that her make-up is “light but beautiful.”

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